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I do need the navigation data only. Is it possible to get such a subscription?

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Hi Ulrich,
yes, it is still available. See here: Navdata only subscription? - #2 by NAVData


Thank you and bought.

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Thank YOU … enjoy it Ulrich. Let me/us know, if you have any question … :wink:

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Liebe Grüße / Cheers,

Hello Richard,

same for me, I am looking for the navdata only - without the charts.

However Ido not see the small arow right of my name when im logged in, and o my dashboard is only the linked YouTube explanation video available.

Thanks for your help, regards, Lennert

Hi Lennert,


You will be able to select the Navigation Data option when you don’t have a current Ultimate subscription. So wait till you current one expires.


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