Don't see Navigation Data Yearly

Hello, I have been looking for a few hours to browse your topics and on the internet how to find this option because I no longer need Navigraph Charts
However, I cannot find the famous little “Get a navigation Data Subscription” under my subscription, even when disconnected from my account, by changing IP and internet browser, this subscription is not written anywhere, a bit forceful I find as method?

Well, do what you like, but I would like to subscribe to Navigation Data (I am already subscribed to unlimited but I have just canceled my subscription)

great posting for your first one … You haven’t looked enough …

Here you find the help:

Have a nice day

Hi & thks for the answer
Despite this topic I do not have visibility on the button


You should see Navigation Data option once your current Ultimate subscription expires.


Okay so as soon as the subscription expires I will see the button

The wording of a sentence on the other topic was either poorly worded or the proofreader was wrong because the sentence was convoluted

Thanks for your help

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