Missing nav data in latest AIRAC

The latest airac cycle appears to be missing a lot approach and departure data. I reported the issue to iniBuilds while flying their A300 aircraft. The acknowledged the issue and said they were investigating. I get “navigation aid missing” errors in the FMS all the time.

two things:

  1. Have you tried it in the WorldMap or in any other stock aircrafts?
  2. Do you have any examples please that we can try to reproduce it and/or to verify why these procedures are missing?

IniBuilds uses the in-game BGL data (stock NavBlue/FAA data and Jeppesen data from us), so you can easily check very fast via the WorldMap, if approaches are included or not.

Thank you very much,

If you look at WSSS there is a whole runway (2R from memory) is missing in MSFS … it’s present in Navigraph Charts. There loads of these anomalies in the last AIRAC. ZGGG is also very broken. It would take me too long to compile an exhaustive list.

I never fly stock aircraft, they are just too badly done.

The exception is the 747-800i and that suffers just like the iniDesign A300.

IniBuilds uses the in-game navigation data. That means, that these data are depending on the MSFS scenery. When the MSFS scenery is outdated in example missing runway, wrong runway-ident, … (and thats for approx. 300 airports worldwide) the MSFS itself disable the terminal procedures for these airports. That is nothing what we have in our hand sorry. We may not add a runway to an existing MSFS stock scenery, nor can´t we change the runway idents.

The stock navigation data are not designed for study level aircrafts because they are very limited and tailored to the MSFS requirements. When IniBuilds would use external databases like TDS GTNXi, PMDG, Fenix, Maddog, the ATR, Justflight, … you can select all terminal procedures according the real world, according the real-world ARINC424 rules.

But IniBuilds uses the stock navigation data and therefore they are limited what the MSFS offers.

Your example shows exactly this situation:

  1. WSSS
    This is the scenery in the MSFS:

This is the reality (also in our data):

You see a runway is missing, but due the limitation, we can´t add a runway - so we can only offer the procedures for the whole airport. The problem now is that the MSFS disable the terminal procedures, when a runway doesn´t exist, which will be used in the procedure (this happens specially with STARs but sometimes also on SIDs). You see in the approach list as an example a “empty” ILS entry, without a runway-ident - thats a indicator, that there are data existing but the MSFS can´t assign it and therefore you see only the “ILS” entry …

When you now try to install a 3rd party scenery, which reflects the real-world airport you will immediately see all terminal procedures (SIDs, STARs and IAPs), without any re-installing of any data from our side. So, the data are still included but the MSFS disable it.

Here when I have a 3rd party scenery of WSSS installed (including all runways):

From the WorldMap:

… and here the STARs + approaches directly from the A310:

So, the data are included and not missing - but the sim disable it due the missing runway in the default stock scenery.

The same with your second example ZGGG:

Here what you see in the default stock MSFS scenery:

… and here the reality:

Also a missing runway. Again, we may not add runways to existing airports in MSFS.

Here some approaches (you see no runway ident on ILS-Y, ILS-Z - the MSFS can´t assign it to the specific runway and supress it):

So, the data are still included and available but the MSFS and their logic suppress it. IniBuilds use the in-game data so they are 100% independent of the logic in the sim. Professional (study level) addons (like PMDG, Fenix, TDS GTNXi, …) which are using other database and not the in-game MSFS database, don´t have all this issue.

So, no navdata issue nor any missing navdata - it´s simple a limitation in the MSFS what can only be fixed by ASOBO/MS.

Hope that helps

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