Missing Many Arrivals at KRNO

Im flying the Honda Jet in MSFS 2020. When I look for an Arrival into KRNO (Reno), only one Arrival, ANAHO2 choice is available. In my Foreflight planner on iPad, there are a total of 9 Arrivals for KRNO

It appears the Navdata is missing, or Honda Jet is not displaying all Arrival choices?

Maybe check if your Navigraph install including the G3000 plug-ins are up to date? I am on 2405/1 and I show all the Arrivals.

additional to @Casualclick info (thanks for that!), try any other stock aircraft, or look on the WorldMap if the STARs are selectable or not.


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Problem was 3rd party software PACSIM KRNO was out of date. The old version was V1. However, after downloading V2, the runway headings were adjusted to reflect current navdata. Now all the KNRO Arrivals appear in G3000 of HJ.

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