Missing ILS 36 approach at KLNK

Hello. I’ve noticed an issue when flying IFR with the Navigraph navdata (AIRAC 2014) at KLNK. The ILS 36 approach via BIE seems to have been left out, and I can’t get ATC to allow a landing on 36. A couple comparison images are included. The default approach shows correct via BIE, but with the navigraph data installed, it only wants to take me through LNK.

I believe this is a known issue that is actually with the SIM not Navigraph. Seems like the SIM like to skip over some waypoint or not drawn the path correctly. It also only seems to affect NA airports more then EU ones.

Hi Brian,
@jbburrows is right so far. Its really a sim-limitation. As you wrote, the ILS36 into KLNK has two transition - via BIE and via LNK … the problem now is, that you can´t select any transition (at least) in the worldmap. When there is only one transition available, it´s no problem because then the flight planner can´t use any other but in this case we have two in our data and it looks, that the sim can´t handle multiple approach-transitions correctly.

The reason why this works with the NavBlue stock data is, because in the NavBlue data the LNK transition is missing and therefore it works due the “one transition only” reason. You can simple check this in the TBM930 Garmin.

Here with our database:

… and here the same transition(s) for KLNK ILS36 with the NavBlue stock data in the sim:

The LNK-transition is missing.

Sorry Brian, this can only be fixed by ASOBO and we have also reported with an equal example with multiple approach transitions but till now, no answer received. This is a worldwide issue on every approach with possible multiple approach transitions - so this is not a KLNK issue only.


Well, it’s still a young sim… Thanks for the thorough reply!

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