Missing gates on moving map

last month I created a topic on missing informations in airports on the moving map ; I thought most of the problems had beed corrected
today during a flight from EDDH and ENBR I noticed that a lot of parking gates are missing at these 2 airports
see screenshots
hope you can correct these problems
very difficult to follow ATC parking instructions when you do not see the gates numbers !

Navigraph missing gates 1
Navigraph missing gates 2

Hello Patrick! Thank you for the report, keep 'em coming!

We will investigate ASAP.

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Are missing gates.

same situation today
a lot of missing gates at many airports
I do not understand, I raised the problem one month ago !

We have been able to start the investigation of this, and we believe that we have found a solution.
I will let you know when we have more information.

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We confirm that we have fixed the issue, and will be releasing it ASAP!

Here are a few examples. Let me know if something looks odd still!

Did you make the release because on charts.navigraph.com I do not see corrections , most of gates still missing.


Please check it again now, the deploy happened shortly after your posting.



No, sorry I might have been a bit unclear! The images are internal and the changes were not yet released. They are released now, however!

yes thanks, checked on desktop app
without offense, may I ask why this problem occurred 2 times in one month (see my other post in may ) ?

The raw gate data comes in several formats. The first time, there was an issue during our release process that caused gates to not be included at all. The last time, only certain types of gates were included.

We have since added even more validation to our process, and we have also included more types of gates! As a result, we should be better off now and the next release should work out as expected.

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Thanks for your answers