Moving maps on apron charts/ parking charts

Hi, Not sure if this has been mentioned ( quick search said no) but is there a reason why we cant have moving charts for the apron / gate map charts? taxing around dubai proved a nightmare to find the assigned gate. take chart 10-9B at omdb, that would be amazing if it was moving, then i could actually find where i need to go!
Same other any other airport really, it would be a fantastic help!

Hi Thomas,


Please see Moving Map for Parking Stands


I don’t know who Thomas is?

Where is the moving map you refer to?

Hi Andrew,

Thomas is user Larodian to whom I was replying.

Re Moving Map please see Simlink/Moving Map - Navigraph


Yes that’s me! I’m Tom. i was just asking about moving maps for taxiing / gates, but it looks like its one of those geofenced maps, ( not sure how hard it would be to implement though)

Hi Tom,

Georeferencing is a significant task for our supplier, and we have limited influence over which charts are georeferenced.

We shall work on getting more.


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