Missing data link

I am having ongoing issues with disconnects between fms data and msfs flights.
Starts with this:

Retrieve flight data option has no effect. This is starting to get seriously annoying. Appreciate a fix.



Please uninstall Charts and Simlink using exact procedure at FAQ - Charts desktop installer fails immediately .

Then download and install new Charts and Simlink from Charts and Simlink.

Please let us know how you get on.


that worked insofar as I can now get data sent to msfs.
Two points:

  1. I noticed that i had two versions of navcharts running - so i uninstalled both of them. Perhaps the installer failed to uninstall the old version?
  2. Simlink is still doing this (after exiting msfs):

    pressing ‘retrieve flight data’ makes no difference.

Does this matter?
Thanks for the speedy response.
Hugh Butcher

Hi Hugh,

When you exit MSFS, there is no longer data being sent from MSFS to our servers to update your position when you access a chart from our server. So the data is marked as old.