Feature Request for Navigraph Simlink:

Not sure where to post this, so here goes:

Context: Often times when using simlink (for Navigraph Charts) with MSFS…it becomes “disconnected”.

“Disconnected” is in quotes because I dont know what to call it. The effect though, is that the GPS data is no longer being fed into the Simlink desktop app.

The disconnection can occur due to the following (unconfirmed) actions:

  • Repeatedly restarting a flight
  • Pausing the sim repeatedly
  • Changing window focus back and forth
  • Loading new flights or changing geolocation in the simulator
  • After computer goes to sleep or is idle

When the connection is broken, the only way to fix it is to:

  1. Right click the Simlink app in the windows taskbar
  2. Exit Simlink
  3. Windows–>Start and restart Simlink app
  4. Shut down Navigraph Charts
  5. Restart Navigraph charts

To try to make this less annoying, I can think of a few options

Ideal feature request (option 1): Build into the simlink desktop app a MSFS <–>Simlink “healthcheck”. If the healthcheck fails (e.g. the GPS data can’t be derived by the app, but Flightsimulator.exe process is running), Simlink reestablishes connection with no user action.

Minimum Viable feature request (option 2): Add a “restart Simlink” option to the right click actions of the Simlink app in the taskbar.