EDDS from Justsim no STARs and SIDs

I don’t have STARs and SIDs in the MSFS for the Justsim EDDS addon. Is there any solution from navigraph available? Or is it a problem of MSFS, Justsim? I am using Navigraph. Thanks for a quick reply:)

Hi Chris,
I don´t have the Justsim EDDS scenery, so I can´t test it … but there are normally 2 reasons for that:

  1. wrong scenery order - this can be fixed by your self and I would try it first - please follow exactly these steps: FAQ - Scenery-File re-organisation / initialization or

  2. Justsim has disabled all terminal-procedures, that can only fixed by Justim - when #1 doesn´t help, I would inform Justsim.


Hi Richard,
Thank you very much for the quick reply, and yes that was the solution!
After following the steps in 1. everything is working fine now:-)
Best Regards

Great Chris - thanks for your feedback!
Schönes Wochenende & Happy Flying,

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