Missing data for EDMX helipad?

Dear navigraph team - I am considering buying a subscription for your MSFS navdata package, however I learned that unfortunately EDMX is missing all instrument approaches and departures as well as the ILS in the simulator. Are there any plans or possibilities to include those in the future?

thank you very much for this question. EDMX is general missing in the MSFS, so the data would be useless at the moment :wink:

But yes, we will also provide such data in the near future, we are still working on the implementation. As I wrote before, the main issue at the moment is, that most of these helipads are not existing in the default MSFS and to “build” such a helipad like a runway is not so easy due the terrain and a few other factors. There are helipads on hospitals, on house roofs, …

Again, we are still working on it and we try our best to offer these data as soon as possible - but then, it depends on the sceneries, that you can use it - because again, without the helipads in the MSFS, the data are useless :wink:

… our hope are all the free-/payware scenery designer, which add such helipads in the future. We are not scenery designer :slight_smile: … or at least very, very bad ones :slight_smile: sorry …

Hope that helps and thanks for your patience and of course the very good question

Dear Richard - thanks for your very quick response. Absolutely looking forward to seeing this kind of data in the sim soon :slight_smile:

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