Missing CYVP in both Navigraph and Base Sim (NavBlue)

Hi Folks - on 2102 Rev 3? or whatever the last version was to 2013 now, CYVP in Canada (Montreal FIR) was present. It’s usually the last stop on the way to Greenland for flights originating south in Canada.

I in fact flew into it using 2102 on my simulated World Tour. I have screenshots, I guided to it from Quebec LeSage using GPS on a High-Level IFR plan.

Now it has disappeared. In both the Navigraph 2103 and vanilla sim.

Navcontrol Canada still notes the field exists as of February 2021.

Please advise? Thank you.

Well, I’m slowly discovering the “survival tricks and tips” - one of them is if at first you don’t succeed, yank out the AIRAC and reinstall again.

I don’t know why it worked this time. I confirmed it was missing the first time I removed 2102 and installed 2103. I pulled it out and checked the vanilla sim, still missing (no surprise, it was never there for NavBlue), then I restored Navigraph 2103. Checked one more time for yuks and giggles,and there it is.

I guess I’ll be spot checking these little airports or approaches that I know Navigraph has, but NavBlue does not. If the latest AIRAC doesn’t have it, it means something went terribly wrong. Not the best troubleshooting technique, I’m open to others.