Missing Carts for CYTR

Hello, first time posting here so I hope I’m in the right place.

I just got my Navigraph subscription activated and noticed that an Aerodrome in my local area is missing the approach plates for one of the runways. Or at least I can’t seem to figure out how to display them if they are there.

The ICAO code is CYTR. The 3 approach plates for RWY06 are all present (ILS, NDB and RNAV).

RWY24 on the other hand shows 0 plates but I know that it also has an ILS, NDB and RNAV appr published.

Also, this aerodrome is an RCAF military airbase but Navigraph charts has it listed as Type=Public. It seems all the RCAF airbases that I’ve checked are listed as “Public” (CYQQ, CYOD, CYYB, CYBG, CYZX, etc).

Shouldn’t these be listed as “Military” like RAF Benson (EGUB) and Nellis AFB (KLSV)?

Thank you.



This is likely because of:


Thank you for the response Ian.

I saw that NOTAM but didn’t think it would effect chart availability. Especially since there’s also a NOTAM from last week (07 Feb) saying “ILS RWY 06 MIL USE ONLY”. Yet the plate for ILS RWY 06 is still available.

RWY 24 plates are still available from NAV CANADA. In fact, the current plate for ILS RWY 24 states it is valid “Effective 0901Z 29 DEC 2022 to 0901Z 23 FEB 2023”.

Sorry if I’m missing something here. I’m still in the “trying to figure things out” stage of my subscription.

Thanks again for your help.

An update to my last post. From the Navigraph Charts Cloud portal I can see the missing approaches for RWY 24. I will check this evening to see if they’re now available under Charts 8 for Windows.

Yes, I can confirm I see 3 approach plates for runway 24 as well.

Which app did not show these before?



Hello Stephen, I was in Charts 8 for Windows and also the MSFS in game panel Charts app during a flight sim session the evening of Feb 12 2023. It may have been me doing something wrong as it was really my first time using the subscription in any real practical way.

I will try again this evening when I get home and see the RWY 24 plates are available now.

Thank you!

I can conform that the plates for RWY 26 are still not showing up for me in Navigraph Charts 8 for Windows. Is there a way to attach a screen shot to this thread? If so I can do that.

Oddly, the in game panel is now showing the charts for RWY 26. I’m second guessing myself now and perhaps they did yesterday too.

Is there perhaps a filter or something I enabled by accident and that’s what’s filtering out the RWY 26 APPR plates?

Thanks again for the assistance,

Hi Tony,

In Charts settings please set Charts Mode to STD rather than CAO. You should now see


BINGO!! That did it, I see all the charts now. Thank you Ian, I figured I must have mucked something up somewhere.

I did a bit of searching on the difference between STD and CAO mode but I’m still not sure I understand the difference. Why would someone want to operate in CAO mode? What would be the advantage?

Thanks again,


Glad you found it. Here is a post with a link to an explanation to the difference between the formats: Navigraph Chart Mode - #2 by stephen



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