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Yesterday my friend and I figured out that the date from both our charts are different. We both have Navigraph and my charts for in this case LEBL ILS Z RWY 02 are from 15 may 20. Whilest his were from juli 21 and there were differences in the charts. We asked a third friend who was flying with us to check his Navigraph charts and his were the same as mine. Funny enough we are all running the same version of navigraph and when I checked the same charts on my android it was also from 15 may 20. Is there a way we need to update this manually? All the other topics state that they are always updated but I don’t see this to be the case here.



CAO mode Chart 11-1 ILS Z RWY 02 at LEBL is dated 15 May 20. Standard mode chart is dated
Feb 21. Not sure what the differences are, maybe just cosmetic?

All charts are downloaded fresh from our servers without need for manual update, so those are the latest.

I cant see any LEBL APPR charts dated July 21. You might like to check with your friend in case he is looking at a different airport or chart.


Hi Ian,

Sorry you are right it is indeed February my bad. But there are differences in the minimums.

yes that´s correct so far because the CAO (Airline) charts are primarily for category C and D aircrafts. Therefore the differences in the minimums. “Normal” charts are for all category A-D …

Hope that helps,

Thanks for the explaination! So I understand that depending on the airline the charts differ which I can understand really well!

How does Navigraph decide what chart you see? Because we just both searched LEBL today without a selected route ( loading in with a specific route which we normally normally do). Yet my friend (as you could see) Had the charts from February and I had the ones from May?

Because for me it would make more sense that when you simply search the charts up using the search bar you should get the same charts.


Navigraph doesn’t choose between CAO or Standard format. It is a user decision based on the type of aircraft flown as Richard mentioned.

See also Navigraph Chart Mode for a document describing the differences between the two modes.


It is an app setting. You and your friend have different settings. See Navigraph Chart Mode - #4 by stephen for more information about the general Settings and the Flight settings, and which takes precedence.



Ahh I see we had it different indeed he had the standard IFR settings and I had the Airline (CAO) Selected!

Thanks a lot for this help and explaination!

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