Missing Approaches at SKRG in AIRAC2101

Hello, requesting your support regarding the following issue: After the last AIRAC2101, there are not precision approaches at SKRG. as you can see, in Navigraph Charts they are present:

But, neither in LittleNavMaps, or in MCDU of Aerosoft AirbusA320 are present:

I appreciate your help.

Where the missed approach commences prior to the Runway these procedures are not coded by Jeppesen, therefor not in the NG AIRAC data files. You will find multiple posts with a similar issue.

The LOC approach however remains.

Of course the ILS on the same frequency exists in the sim so there is nothing to stop you actually flying the approach.

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Thank you for this information, but I still have the doubt: Is this something new? Those are airports that I travel to from time to time, and I hadn´t had this problem before.
I don´t think this is something that we have to get used to.

Hi Jaime,


Stephen Cooke is correct. It is not new - there are references to it in the old forum from 2015. If you do a search on “threshold” in the current forum, you will references to this such as NFFN ILS not showing - #2 by NAVData.


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