Colombia SKRG ILS and other approaches missing

Some weeks ago I wrote for the precision approach to SKRG (ILS Z and ILS Y). Still no appear.
Also I would like to add the ILS Z and ILS Y to SKPE.

Hope you can fix this soon. Thanks

Hi Luis,
I thought you have understood our answer with such approaches. Such approaches are coded as LOC only approaches because the missed approach starts prior the runway threahold.

When you look on the charts you will see the same for SKPE now. On the charts you see also that the approaches are ILS OR LOC … which means you can code this in both ways. Jeppesen codes this as LOC and thats the reason why you should select the LOC approach idents in your FMC to fly these approaches.

Hope that helps now

Hi Richard. Cristal clear :+1:

I wish you a happy day!!!

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Great, thanks … But, please don’t hesitate to contact us again, whenever you have a question.

Happy flying and take care

Hello It’s me…

I double checked my concern. This what I’ve found.
SKRG has 2 ILS approaches, and 1 LOC, because the navigraph doesn’t have the ILS’s in the database, I found mainly 3 reasons to include the ILS approaches on the database, regardless the missed approach location.

  1. At SKRG the LOC app design doesn’t match with the ILS ones. In fact there are no LOC G/S approach.
  2. It’s possible to use the LOC approach to fly a path and intercept the G/S tuning the freq, but on the MCDU you can not select a DH because the LOC have MDA. It is not a good idea to fly one type of approach with other minimums.
  3. You can not match a flight plan RNP arrival with this LOC app because it will be a discontinuity. As long as there is no VIA (connection between the las point of the STAR and the first one of the Approach) you have to degrade your navigation from NAV to HDG and then intercept again in one point the approach.

Thanks for your attention. I add some photos to better explain myself.


Hi Luis,
first of all thank you very much for the details and your excellent description. I have tried to figure out why the ILS approaches are missing now and I guess, I have found an answer. As the SKPE, Jeppsen codes the ILS as LOC, when the missed approach starts prio to the runway. Ok - in this case, I assume they can´t code the ILS to LOC because this approach (as you describe too) is not valid/not designed for a LOC only approach (you see this also on the charts, because on the charts you have only ILS but not ILS OR LOC). Therefore both ILS approaches are “missing” because they are not codeable in the standard format for our data provider.

I will try to verify my assumption when we open a new ticket to Jeppesen, and will come back - I will open this topic :wink:

Thanks Luis,