Missing ALL Arrival Procedures

Your exactly right, sometimes it’s the simple answer, but in this case not. When making a flight plan I can select Navaids including ILS Approaches, but no signal from any Navaid.

Will keep looking before a dreaded reset of MSFS

Thank you once again for your assistance, Jim


Magically came back Richard, over and above what you said below, one guy on the MSFS forum said also to totally UNINSTALL the Navigraph Data Center then REINSTALL it. He said simply moving the folders out then back in which is what I did. I did remove the entire FS-BASE-NAV folder as well, but the content.xml file resides elsewhere so that was not deleted or changed by me, but maybe the uninstall of the Data Center puts the “True” back in.
Anyway, always thank you for quick responses and will remain a long time fan of yours.
Regards, Jim near LAX

NAVData FMS Data Developer
November 8

Hi Jim,
you can simple “reset” your sim … Simple remove all from your community folder. After that delete the context.xml file.

Now when you start the sim again, the sim creates a new content.xml file with only the stock information.

We don’t delete anything, we only disable the stock data by setting the flag to false.

So, when nothing is in the community folder and you have a fresh content.xml file, you have the iniitial state before any mod installation


Thanks Jim for your kind words and also the update … much appreciated …

This “moving the community folder” before an sim/world-update is so critical and useless. Most of the reasons here in the forum and also in the sim-forum. I can´t understand why some people recommend this so often. This task is ONLY!!! for ASOBO/MS to say: “look the sim works after the update”, nothing more.

You, as customer has nothing from this result because when you move your folders back in the community folder and the sim crashed you have no clue “why” and also you get no information about which package is the reason. So, after the crash you can only move the folder step by step out to look, which package is the reason.

I can´t understand why no one use the other way:
Keep all the packages in the community folder, make the update and try the sim after the update. When you have no crash, all is good - when you have a crash, than you can look for the “why” by moving the packages step by step out of the community folder. This is more “efficient” because you don´t need to copy 1000s of folder out and back, and it destroys anything.

But anyway, I guess we will not get any answer of this illogical community movement before a sim/world update.

Have a nice day and please let us know, whenever you have an issue, idea for an improvement, also criticism… :wink:


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