Sudden loss of SID/STAR and APP procedures

All of a sudden, as per 1st startup today, all SID, STAR and APP procedures are vanished from my MSFS2020.

I am using the 2013 edition of Navigraph for MSFS2020. When I remove the Navigraph data, the situation remains the same, rendering the simulator as almost unflyable for me. (I am solely using FBW’s A320NEO).

Hopefully someone here know the resolution to this problem.

Hans van Wijhe

Hi Hans,
I´m not knowing with “Navigraph Navdata client” you use, therefore I would do following:

  1. remove the AIRAC via the client
  2. uninstall the “Navigraph-Navdata client” via the windows feature
  3. download and install the latest client (it´s beta 19) from here
  4. run the new, install client and install the AIRAC 2013

That should be working. When not, please let us know … you must do this not every cycle, but we have updated the client and therefore it´s better to remove the data before you update/uninstall the client.

Thank you,

Thanks, Richard, this indeed took care of the issue. I can take to the skies again :slight_smile:


Great Hans, thanks for the feedback. Happy flying and enjoy the evening.


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