Missing Airport - YADG Aldinga Airport, South Australia

Navigraph Navdata/Simbrief, does not allow me to use YADG - Aldinga Airport, South Australia.
Is there any reason for this?
Other planners and utilities all seem to find it OK.

Considering the full subscription inc. Charts but wondering what else might be missing.

this is a private owned airport and not included in the AIP Australia therefore not included in the source.


OK - thanks for the quick reply.

I just thought it strange because I can use it (my local airport for small aircraft) with all the other planners I own or have tried including Aivlasoft EFB2 and Little NavMap (both using Navigraph NavData) and online facilities such as SkyVector.

I might just stick to my current nav data subscription for now.

… LNM and also Aivlasoft EFB2 take the airports from the specific sim and not from our navdata. When you switch in LNM to our database only, you will see that this airport is also not include in LNM. EFB2 hasn’t this feature to switch between navdata and sim data.

I can’t say anything about Skyvector because I don’t know the source data that this tool is using.


Thanks for the info Richard.

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