Milviz King Air 350i - Charts won't show up on the MFD


Although I updated my Navigraph FMS Data Manager to add this aircraft, I can’t seem to be able to access the charts on the MFD. When I select “Charts”, I just get a black screen and I don’t even see the names of the applicable charts displayed. I selected “Charts Subscription” on the MFD and hit ‘ENTER’, which generated my Navigraph username. The developer has provided no manual for this aircraft, but a user posted a video on YouTube that shows that this step should allow the charts to generate. I tried exiting the sim (this is in P3RD v 5.2) and logging back in but I continue to see a black screen. Can someone help?

Nevermind… the charts have finally shown up after a few restarts; amen

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Excellent, was just loading up the 350i.
Glad it is resolved.


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