Migrating to Simbrief again

Good day everyone, I used to be a SB user and I had so much fun learning how to plan my flight with it and use it accordingly in my flight sim and addons (aicrafts, flight trackers, etc…) which has been super fun however I found some limitations in taking my flight planning to the next step, limitations that were easily solved by others dispatching tools like PFPX.

However, with the increasing number of integrated services with SB it has now became seamless to get everything going just by creating a new flight plan from SB thus you can import in STKP, Navigraph, SLC, FSLabs and PMDG. A seamless experience that is not offered by PFPX, for instance.

So my dilemma now, to find my inner peace at least, is to try and fix these limitations in SB so I can get back to using it again. Limitations such as: Having adequate enroute alternates, storing my routes.

Is there any way I can do that in SB ?


Hi, with regards to your specific questions:

If you are referring to being able to choose an enroute fuel alternate in Europe (i.e. within a circle having a radius equal to 20% of the flight plan distance, the centre of which lies at 25 % distance from the
destination), one can be selected in the “Alternate airports” section. You can also use the “EASA” option in the “Cont Fuel” dropdown if you want one to always be selected for you if necessary.

If you mean ETOPS alternates, those are automatically calculated by default, but can also be customized in the 'ETOPS Scenario" section.

You can save your flight options, including the route you entered, by clicking “Save Flight” at the top of the Options page. You can then load these options in the future through the “My Flights” section.

If you mean you want to save a database of specific routes to your account, then no, this currently isn’t possible. But note that if you dispatch using a custom route, that route should then appear in the “Suggested Routes” section for future use. You might need to click “View More Routes” to show it, depending on where it appears in the suggestions list, but normally it should be there.

Not sure if these answers help at all, let me know if you have any other questions!

Hello, your answers were spot on actually. My first remark was regarding enroute alternates not ETOPS alternates so that means if I want to divert at any given point during the flight for whatever reason it may be.

Thank you so much for your reply.

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