MGGT VOR RWY 20Y approach

MGGT VOR RWY 20Y Approach based on charts is a curve approach. When you install the navdata beta you obtain like a triangle approach.
I’ve deleted the navdata from community folder and I am using the original navdata from msfs2020 With this I am having trouble in the Last waypoint but I can disconnect the AP and do the last part of the approach in manual mode. With the original navdata you can see the curve in the approach

I don’t really understand this report:
I have flown this approach now without any issue. So where is now the problem?

Curve vs. triangle? This depends on the using leg types and the interpretation of these leg types and this looks good because the a/c follows exact these legs. The flight path on the ND looks not as a curve, but thats cosmetic and not in our hand.

Here you see the approach in the worldmap:

So please specify what issue do you have now exactly?

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