Mandatory routing and flight levels

At VATSIM Arabia, we try to be as much realistic as possible, we notice that the majority of routing are invalid and flight levels are often incorrect, our controllers use the RouteChecker system to cross-check aircraft routings and ensure they comply with regional routing restrictions and ATFM procedures.

This is due to the complicated structure of the middle east, we want to ask if it is possible to implement those mandatory restrictions which can be found in the eAIP or alternatively using this spreadsheet produced by our vACC.

Emirates FIR Route Matrix AIRAC 2111 - Google Sheets


Where is that “RouteChecker” system? Is it publicly available?




The RouteChecker system is designed by our vACC, it will check for invalid routes with in the Middle East using a set of routes databases we gathered from AIPs and IRL flight plans. It’s part of the controller pack and yes publicly available.

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