Validated preferred routes

Hello all,

My name is Filipe Fonseca, current Operations Manager of Vatsim Brasil ( We’re seeing a growing influx of wrongly filled routes between some key airports which are negatively affecting the ATC service performed by us, often assigning weird DCTs, suppressing airways, using wrong airways (lower airways instead of upper ones) or violating some airspaces.

Brazil’s local aviation authority publishes a routing playbook, along with repetitive flightplans, which creates a very solid route database, which would be good to be added as an immediate preferred route in Simbrief.

The question is: how can we request for these routes to be added in the system as preferential routes?

Thanks in advance.

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You can request the ability to add them yourself. When he sees your post, a simBrief developer will most likely contact you about it.



Message sent.