[macOS] After closing the window, pressing the dock icon does not open a new window

After I have started Charts and then minimise it to the task bar, even though the app is still running it will not come back onto the screen. I have to QUIT the APP and restart.
Im on a 2023 24"iMac running the latest version of Ventura (13.4.1(c)) with an M1 processor.


How are you currently trying to bring it back from its minimized state? Just using Command + Tab is not enough for minimized apps, you have to either:

  • Click the minimized window on the right side of the dock (easiest)
  • Hold Command and tap Tab until the Charts app is highlighted, then press and hold the Option key, then release the Command key.

I can confirm that both of the above methods work just fine! This is not something unique to our Charts application, but rather a quirk in the window management of macOS.

I hope this helps!

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Hello again.
Just to update this.
I used the incorrect term previously.
If I click on the red cross in the upper left corner of the app (I’m on a Macbook Pro), the APP appears to close.
If I then click or double click on the icon in the task bar, nothing happens.
I then have to quite the APP or Force Quit and restart it.
Apologies for the initial confusion.

Ah! Thanks a lot for the clarification, I can reproduce the issue!

I will put it on our list of future improvements. Thanks a lot for the feedback!

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Happy to help. Sorry it took so long to get the issue correctly worded.



Hello again!

This issue should be fixed with the recently released 8.31.0 version of the Charts application. Try it out and let us know how it works for you!

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Thank you sir. Looks like it is fixed! Appreciate the effort. Thanks again.

BTW is there any way for incorporating other country’s vfr charts like has been done with the FAA charts?



Happy to hear it!

For your follow-up question, please see this topic:

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