Lybe ils 30l

Hello. I have an issue where the ILS 30R into LYBE shows 2,898NM from the FAF (JA) to RW30R, and then another 2.902NM from RW30R to D296C (the first fix on the published missed. Not sure where in the world cycle 2311 thinks RWY30R is, but it certainly isn’t anywhere near LYBE.FMS Photo

welcome …

Without any details, its a little bit hard to answer - therefore a more or less general answer:

I have checked the position of the JA (BELGRADE) NDB freq 316Mhz:
44.74291667, 20.47530556

When you now compare this now with the real world you will see, that these coordinates are on the correct position near the LYBE RW30R - so the “world cycle 2311” think right.

So, our data seems to be correct - possible this is an addon issue, I don´t know …

Hope that helps,

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