Extended localiser Update Airac Cycle 2112 (blog post question)

I was really pleased to read the blog entry post re. the new extended localisers.

I have AIRAC cycle 2112 installed in MSFS using Navigraph NavData Center v 1.0.2

I tested the same ILS as the blog post referenced ILS 10R IBYW at KORD (110.9). However for me the range is still 27 nm within MSFS.

I also checked out this ILS’s details on LNM with Airac 2112 installed there and with “Use Navigraph for all features” selected

However, the details for the same ILS in LNM are a range of 27nm

Any hints at what may be wrong at my end?

first of all - “disable the Navigraph database” in LNM because this will not be used for the MSFS and it´s useless in this case (two differ datasets which different information):

Then “re-load the scenery files” from the MSFS (you must do this after every cycle/revision change because only via this function LNM can shown all values correctly from the MSFS files):


be sure, you have selected the correct sim:

After reading the BGLs from the MSFS, you will see the extended ranges correctly.

Hope that helps,

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Hi, I have a question that’s unrelated to this post if your willing to help.

Perfect. That did the trick! Thanks @NAVData :grin:

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@Loftin please open a new topic for your question … thank you!


Alright I Just did, Thanks!

Even though this solved the issue of the ILS distances being shown in LNM, I am still finding that none of the aircraft I am trying in MSFS are able to detect these ILS’s with extended ranges beyond 28 nm. Is there some sort of hard code built into MSFS aircraft that won’t allow for them to detect an ILS at a longer range, irrespective of what its supposed set range might be?

Aircraft I have tried include FBW A320, Default A320 and Asobo C172 G1000.
(ILSs tried are 9R and 10R KORD)

Good question, I don´t really know … but when this is really hard coded, why can you set this ranges than? That wouldn´t make any sense … but how knows, the world of “logic” is endless. No, honestly I don´t know if this is hard coded in the sim or not. When, then it´s a bug because the values are there and also set (as you see now).


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