LFBO ILS 31R slighlty to the left of the runway


With MSFS navigraph beta, the ILS 31R of LFBO leads you to the left of the runway.
GS is ok.

I have not tested with MSFS default nav data.

LFBO has no IL 31R, only ILS 32R … is this a typo or is it the wrong ICAO code?
But I have checked the localizer for 32R (Ident: TD) and you´re right, it´s slightly left. I have now checked our data against the AIP France and the coordinates are identically.

Now, I have enter the data into google maps and here you see, that the localizer is really slightly off

The red marker is the position of the localizer according the AIP France (and also in our data). The yellow line is the “extended” center line, crossing the localizer antenna on the satellite image. You see that the position is slightly off.

Here the data directly from the AIP France (exactly what we have in our database):

43°38’21.1"N = 43.63919444
001°21’19.6"E = 1.35544444

So, in other words - possible that the localizer antenna is wrong in the AIP. The countries report the data directly to the source-provider and the source provider add this data in their database and therefore we have also these correct or wrong data. I don´t know anything how this looks in real life but all in all (what I can say now is), that the data as you see are identically.

Sorry, but it looks like more an AIP issue, which we can´t handle …

Agree with Richard and probably a typo in the AIP considering real loc antenna position (as determined from GE and rounded to 0.1 second) is 43°38’22.1"N - 001°21’19.6"E (and not 43°38’21.1"N - 001°21’19.6"E as per AIP). It happens occasionally…

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Sad that the AP send the aircraft in the grass but ok for the answer !

I’m not yet very familiar with ILS, LOC and so on so I may have confused them (I have to read some doc on all those kind of approach !)

Thibaud Brunissen

Such “AIP errors” are not so rare (especially in some countries…). They can be corrected in instrumental data that are provided by the simulator (that are those coded inside BGLs) but it cannot be an automated process. Navigraph data (Jeppesen) as well as other data providers (NavBlue for stock MSFS data, LIDO for some others) are built from what AIP provide. It could not be any other way. However this is marginal and must not lead us to forget the high quality and global accuracy of Navigraph data.


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