KBZN RNAV(RNP)30 Chart Missing

Requested carryover from NG Discord.

This RNP approach is not an option in the “Flights” list of IAP but it is in the “Airports” section of the application. From the “Airports” application the proper RNP chart is accessible.

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Hi! Thank you for posting it here as well. I have updated your post to include a link to the original conversation.

We will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible, just note that most of the team (including those with the best knowledge on the subject) are currently on vacation!

Apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime!

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Thanks. No worries. This isn’t critical.

However, now that you’re looking into this, it appears to be a larger issue.

I just went to flight plan to KGPI and ran into the same situation.

When I try to add the RNAV Z RNP 02 to my route in the Flight function it only gives me the GPS approach as an option - no RNP. The RNAV Z RNP pulls up in the Airports function including the RNP chart but I cannot add to my flight plan.

Seems this has to do with what your provider is doing with RNP specific procedures.

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Hmm. I cannot find any RNAV Z RNP in either procedures or charts - I do see that the RNAV Y 02 is RNP though! Where do you see RNAV Z RNP 02?



Pressing the chart button for the RNAV Y RWY 02 shows me the RNP chart, and pressing RNAV Z RWY 02 shows me the GPS chart.

I’m sorry, Skysail. You’re correct for KGPI. I must have gotten confused going back and forth between Airports and Flights and transposed 02 and 20 and confused the Y vs Z.

Sorry for the misinformation on GPI. I look forward to your feedback on BZN when you’re able.


I have noticed the same issue at YBNA. Some RNP charts are missing from the “Flights” approach overview selection can can be found in the “Airports” section.

Sorry for the late reply.

Which ones are missing in Flights?




Sorry for the delay but we had to do some in-depth analysis. It is a special case where the chart naming is a bit peculiar, and it has caused issues for our mapping engine. At KBZN, there are two RNAV charts for RW 30, one with multiple-identifier (Y) and one without. Normally if there are multiple charts of the same type for the same runway, all of them have multiple-identifiers (X, Y, Z, etc). We’ll see if there is a workaround we can do here, but it might cause issues elsewhere.

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Hi Stephen.

Thanks for the follow-up, I appreciate it.

Don’t go crazy with this. Relatively speaking this is a minor issue in the big picture and all the other support and services you provide. Thanks!

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