LTFM scenery by SceneryTR Design and elevation problems

We have great scenery of Istanbul airport LTFM, developed by SceneryTR Design. The only problem is runway elevations: e.g. in the real life the elevation of 17R 17L runways is 202 feet. But scenery developer decided to make flat airport with elevation 325 feet. As Navigraph uses real data, the ILS is directing me based on the elevation 202 feet.
There is the following information in the scenery manual:
"the ILS data is not completely compatible with Navigraph data, therefore Navigraph users may encounter anomalies during landing phase and to avoid this issue the Istanbul Airport Scenery needs to be placed with a higher priority (in content.xml) setting, than “navigraph-navdata”.

So how can I place the Istanbul Airport Scenery with higher priority than Navigraph if the System automatically put “navigraph-navdata” record on the last place in content.xml ?

Maybe there is some another solution? May be I can somehow exclude LTFM airport from Navigraph DB?


as you mentioned in your posting, the real world elevation is 202 feet so, the scenery is wrong when they designed is as a flat runway. We can´t exclude LTFM only because this scenery designer uses wrong elevation data.

To the information in the manual:
When you use the Navigraph Navdata Center to update your MSFS data, this app do exactly that automatically. Means, our navdata package is on the last place and has the highest priority.

Sorry, but this is more a scenery issue than a navdata issue … please report your findings to the SceneryTR Design. Thank you!


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