Missing Istanbul LTFM in AIRAC 2111

I have just updated my ARCAS data to 2111 in the program “Flight Control”. Also in my flight simulator. My position was Istanbul (LTFM). As I wanted to do the flight plan, the new Istanbul Airport (LTFM) was not in the database. Even in the P3D / Prosim FMS he did not know the airport.
Question: is it the data from Navigraph where the Airport LTFM is missing? It is noticeable that the position is displayed in the “Flight Control” program on the MAP. But does not invent LTFM in the data list after the update. I also repeated the update again, but it’s the same.

no that has nothing todo with the navdata, it’s simple that the new airport in Istanbul isn’t in the P3D stock scenery and therefore you can’t select anything. ProSim reads the scenery files of the sim and merge it with the navdata.

The data for LTFM are all included in our data.


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