LTFM RWY 17L and 17R Glideslope

After Updating Msfs 2020’s data with Navdata, When performing ILS approach towards Istanbul Airport LTFM RWY 17L and 17R, the Aircraft tends to land way ahead of the runway’s threshold. What could be the reason to that?
I tried with 2 different LTFM sceneries.

  1. Scenery by SceneryDesign TR

  2. A freeway Design: LTFM - Istanbul Airport 1.0.1a for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS

Aircraft Addon: Fenix A320

I have only looked on the freeware scenery but I´m pretty sure that´s the same on the payware scenery.

The runway-elevation is wrong. When you place the a/c on the threshold of 17L (no weather means with standard QNH), you see 300 feet, but according the real world/charts it´s 100 feet less

Here what you see in on the ND in the a/c:

… and here the real-value of the runway-threshold:

Further the freeware scenery is very buggy and strange, when you look on the runway position points you see, they are offset. When you try to fly an approach it´s 90 degrees off the runways and so on, I´m also not sure, if the GS antenna and the DME position is correct but I can´t really check it.

My personal assumption is, that the stock elevation in the MSFS is wrong on this place, because also when you don´t use any 3rd party scenery, you see exactly the same issue.

In real ,the runway threshold height is 202 feet (TCH 55 feet), the GS elevation is 223 feet … so both values are “under” the current elevation in the stock sim because the stock sim shows 300 feet. So, that means you are landing ahead the runway-threshold, as you “figured out”. Sorry, it looks really a general elevation issue …


Dear Mr. Richard. Thank you so much for taking the time to check the issue. Much appreciated :pray:t2:

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