Double RWYs in LTFM Istanbul

Hello Guys,
does someone have an Idea how i can solve this issue with LTFM Istanbul and doubled RWYs ?
When i deinstall Navigraph it all seems to match perfect.

Best Wishes

Hi Ali,
since SU11, ASOBO has released an internal new re-ordering tool for 3rd party sceneries (under Options). Add your scenery to the content file via this tool, and it should be fixed.

Which 3rd partyaddon do you use here? I ask only to reproduce youeme report.

Thank you

thx the advise with the new Mod Manager helped :slight_smile:
Its a free addon and the only one on

You don’t need any external tool, it’s included in the standard MSFS and is calling “re-ordering tool”.

… but when you have found another solution, it’s great!

Happy flying,

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