LSZB CIRCLINGS RWY 32 not available

Referring to the AIP Switzerland LSZB AD 2.24.10-9, ROMEO CIRCLING RWY 32 and
LSZB AD 2.24.10-7 CITY CIRCLING RWY 32, I could not select these CIRCLINGS.

I did not find these CIRCLINGS and the contextual waypoints coded in AIRAC cycle2102, LSZB.

My equipment: Win10, FSX and the Aerosoft A319.

Kind regards
Hans Tobolla

Hallo Hans,
both are complete visual approaches only, therefore you can´t select it … I have also checked the ZBxxx waypoints and there are not included, right … I´m currently not 100% sure but I guess that´s because these waypoints will only be used by the visual approaches. Possible that such waypoints have special flags and we must request these waypoints separately. Again, I don´t know at the moment, but it looks like …