NZQN RNP Y RWY23 missing waypoints


When selecting the RNP Y RWY23 approach in the FenixA320 fms, and choosing the ELRUV4B STAR, the plan seems to exclude the waypoints between ATKIL (the IAF) and ATVUP - namely QN780, QN775 and QN770. These waypoints are fairly important as this approach is through mountainous terrain.

Am I missing something? Or is the approach coding just buggy/wrong?

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I assume, you miss something - the ATKIL is a approach transition (like UGPED) which must be select in the FMC. When you only select the approach, you get “only” the final approach …

Here, when I select the ATKIL transition:

… and all waypoints are included:

Check, if you have select the ATKIL transition and you will see all waypoints as expected (like in my screenshots).

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Hi Richard,

Thanks for the response. I note that in your example you’ve selected the RNP Z 23 - this approach is limited to CAT B aircraft. The RNP Y 23 is the equivalent approach for CAT C/D and is the approach I was having issues with. Can you try your example with the RNP Y 23?


Hi again Richard,

I’ve just jumped in the sim and tried it out again. I can confirm that your suggestion of selecting the correct VIA does solve my problem. I actually didn’t even see the VIA option as was just selecting the STAR.
So yes you can chalk this one up to user error/training required :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to answer.

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You´re welcome Greg - fine, when it´s solved :slight_smile:

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