Missing Circling Approach runway 36 for LFKC

It would be nice to have also the circling approach for Runway 36.

please can you post a official reference link to this approach? I have looked into the AIP France and there is no approach available for runway 36 at LFKC.

Thank you very much,

Sorry, I posted it in the wrong category and the description was also inaccurate.
For Lido there is a map for the circling approach, can you provide it too?

Thanks, this document is 6 years old but anyway - it looks like this is a visual approach and as I wrote before not included in the AIP France, therefore we can´t provide it (charts and data). Sorry.


Thanks Richard

Here is a printscreen of the Lido card, which I meant. If there is ever the possibility to create this :slight_smile:


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