LSGS ILS/DME limited range

The range of the ILS/DME 108.15 ICF at LSGC is limited to approx. 1 NM and max. 4’000 ft. So, not usable for an ILS approach.

Tested since several cycles and now with 2111.

Using X-Plane 11.55 with the Aerobask DA-62.

May that be an error in the Database?

I have checked the localizer distance and we have 18 NM in the database. I have also checked the XP11 files and here also, 18 NM

The yellow marker is the max range for the ICF locator:

So, it must be any other reason but not the navdata, sorry. Possible with a 3rd party scenery, or the addon itself.


Thank you Richard for the fast reply.

I found this information also in my data. As 18 means the distance in NM, this is also true for other ILS like IBE.

The funny thing is, that all ILS are working properly, but not the ICF. I tried in the mean time with the C-172, with the G1000, GNS 430 and GNS 530. All the same: all ILS so far OK, but not the ICF. I have no answer and no idea to solve this problem.

Possible a question for the XP devs? Sorry that we can’t do more for you in this case, it’s strange because the data are correct so far.


Sorry for this inconvinience. I found the cause (at the time the location of the cause) for that problem:
I have two instances of X-Plane. Finally I made a testflight with an other instance and the problem was gone.

I may have to delete some pref. files.

Best regards

Thanks for the feedback Donat!
Great when its solved …

Have a nice weekend

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