Good morning everyone. I am running AIRAC 2213 rev.1 and default MSFS LSZA airport, Cessna C414A by FSW and live weather.
By manually performing the IGS01 at LSZA (reading the Equipped DME distance, not the GPS distance) I am noticing that the FAF is intercepted at 5.5 ILU DME (further ahead than the “CALDO” fix) instead of the published 6.5 ILU DME. Could you please verify this reading and correct as needed ? Without navigraph the IGS01 seems to be spot on in respect to the published procedure. However, without navigraph, there is no procedure to be loaded in the FMS/GTN750.
Thank you,

Hi Francesco,
I have checked your report and also we have the 6.5/ILU for CALDO in our data (also in the MSFS dataset). The transition ends at PINIK. PINIK is defined as “final approach course fix” and that´s 8.7/ILU … after that it´s a direct to CALDO, which is 6.5/ILU.

So, the data are correct coded, what is published on the charts. Possible the addon does something wrong but I can´t see any issue in the data.


ok thanks, and what about the Glide Slope antenna position in respect to the runway and the real airport ?

Not sure, if I can follow you but here the coordinates, what we offer in the sim:
localizer antenna: 46.01170833,8.914225

glideslope antenna: 46.00035556, 8.90955556

… and last, here the DME: 46.01146389, 8.91362222

Coordinates entered in Google Maps

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