LOWI LOC DME EAST approach ILS range?

On data it says:
4 47.258566667 11.340613889 1932 11110 18 91697.811 OEV LOWI LO 26 ILS-cat-I
6 47.260088889 11.353550000 1932 11110 18 377257.811 OEV LOWI LO 26 GS
12 47.259855556 11.353536111 1915 11110 25 0.000 OEV LOWI LO INNSBRUCK DME-ILS

But on the chart at D21.0 ADWIG intercept LOC. How do you do that if LOC range is 18 NM? Also the GS starts at D19…

We don´t have the ranges in our database and therefore we must use the standard values. Sorry.
For MSFS we have found a workaround but that´s only for MSFS and not for other sim. But the MSFS limits also such extended ranges to the default value - so it´s everywhere the same. Sorry.


Thank you for the reply, luckily this is not a common issue I guess.

You´re right :slight_smile: … but there are indeed a few approaches, where this extended limit should work. But as I wrote, it seems such limits are hardcoded, also in MSFS and therefore we can extend the range but you will not receive the signal within this extended range. Sorry.


Increasing manually the range from 18 to 25 in the xplane earth_nav.dat file seems to help to make the localizer available earlier.

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