LOWW - ILS (Glide Path) bringind a/c too high on THR and vs PAPI


I was wondering if is possible to check the “location” of the GP path for the ILS approaches in Wien, all of them are always bringing me pretty high over THR and quite over the PAPI angle. I do expect to cross the THR at around 50ft, instead I’m almost always over 150/200ft above ground there, this brings me to decide or to ignore ILS before (not doable in foggy weather) or to almost miss the touchdown zone…

I do have also the Payware LOWW scenery from Gaya, but as far as I got the “ILS data” should still be part of Navigraph package. Correct me if I’m wrong :smiley:

Thanks for the support

Hallo, is there any new about my above inquiry?

This will require some testing on our end.
Ensure that you have the newest cycle installed. Double check altimeter setting, just in case.
I will do some testing.


Hi Andrea,
sorry, I have overread your posting - sorry … additional to Jason´s comment, please try the approach without the Gaya scenery also, means only with the stock data because normally, 3rd party scenery´s are higher in the priority as our package, which means the ILS information will be used from the 3rd party scenery and not from our files.

Therefore, if possibile - remove the Gaya scenery temporary and try the same approach only with the stock scenery but with our data :wink:


We are testing and will get back to you soon.


Thank you guys!

About QNH and latest cycle I confirm they are always right.

I do have to try with/without Gaya if are differences (not tried sincerely). Not sure when I’ll be able (maybe in a week or more).
If something comes from your testing please let me know.