LIRN - ILS 24 bringing too low and close to terrain

Hello, can you please check the data for ILS 24? It looks like to be NOT on 3.33° and bring too close to terrain and almost before start of rwy instead of at THR+51ft.


you speak from the default stock scenery and not from any 3rd party scenery, right?

We can only assume the reason because we have not enough sim data for that. The GS antenna position and elevation is correct so far. Therefore we assume in some cases wrong surface elevation in the scenery and/or the sim calculate the glidepath not 100% correct.

Again, I don’t have any exact answer but as reference can you check the same with the default sim data from NavBlue? I’m pretty sure, that you will see exactly the same.

Sorry, GS position and elevation is set correctly according the AIP Italy. I have just checked it …


I’m bot sure


Yes absolutely. I refer to the pure default LIRN, I am still waiting for a good add on to buy whenever it will come, but is another story.

Go antenna position and elevation, good. Can you please check and confirm that the GP angle as well is included and that it corresponds to the AIP published one?

Sadly is the only one location with a GP greater than standard where I had such issue of low path respect the expected one…

Well, I could try with default data (I think ai never used those since day one), but those are often incorrect or incomplete as far I know. One of the good reason for which I appreciate so much navigraph.


Hi Andrea,
thanks for our kind words. I have checked the glidepath now in our BGLs abd we have set it to 3.33 degrees. But as I wrote before, it could be that the sim uses only a default value if 3.0 degrees.

I know from other similar postings, where the GP is off the standard, that the glidepath is also not correct. So, my assumption is more a sim limitation. Sorry.


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