LOWK | issue: MOKEG 2E RNAV transition not available with ILS 28R

Hi there,

reporting an issue with LOWK/Klagenfurt.

The airport features several RNAV STARs that all terminate at MOKEG, no matter what landing direction is in use. From MOKEG there is either a MOKEG2E RNAV transition for ALL approaches (ILS + RNP) for runway 28R or MOKEG1W RNAV transition for RNP 10L.

In X-Plane and FSX/P3D, using different addons (Zibo 737, Jehell A320, Aerosoft A319) those RNAV transitions are only available when selecting one of the RNP approaches, although MOKEG2E also needs to be available when going for the ILS approach runway 28R. MOKEG2E terminates in WK827, where either the RNP 28R or ILS 28R begin.

My suspicion is that the ILS 28R does not feature MOKEG2E, because on the chart it begins at KFT VOR. If you look closer, you will see a note below the VOR description saying “WK827 on RNAV transition”.

In conclusion, your navdata/procedure data needs to be amended to make MOKEG2E available when selecting ILS 28R.

All the best, Andreas

Hi Andreas,
hm, I guess you´re right … the MOKEG RNAV transtion should also be available for the ILS 28R. I have checked the database and the MOKEG RNAV transition is only available for the RNAV approaches, as you described. We will ask Jeppesen for this - possible the KFT/KI double waypoints with MOKEG/WK827 are the reason. Thanks for the report!


PS: this topic will be opened, till we have a final answer :wink:

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Servus Richard, danke, looking forward to the fix. I wonder whether it will be the same issue on the “real” NavDBs, will be on tour from Tuesday, I may remember to actually see there on the real aircraft.

Super, danke Andreas … In the Jepp source these transitions are not included but we will find out why :wink:

Frohes Schaffen noch und ruhige FlĂĽge
Lg aus Wien

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Hallo Richard,

back from tour. I checked our Falcon EASy Avionics and MOKEG2E is not available for the ILS approach to runway 28R. Brilliant…

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