LOWK APP selection problems

At LOWK airport, it is not possible to select MOKEG RNAV transition when you plan an ILS approach.
Only for RNAV approach the MOKEG transistion is selectable.

But this is not correct. For ILS 28R, the MOKEG transistion should also selectable.
This problem occurs since the many years.

which sim and which addon do you use? Because we have the two MOKEG STARs (RNAV trans) included. One 2E for 28R and 1W for 10L


I’m using MSFS and it occurs with all addons such PMDG, Fenix etc…

I always must choose wether I want to use the MOKEG transition or fly an ILS approach. Combination is not possible. That’s the problem.

Hi again,
according the AIP Austria, the ILS approach doesn´t have any MOKEG approach transition. You see this also on the charts - additional, the ILS starts at KFI and not at MOKEG.

But the really main point here is (when it should be included), that the AIP Austria doesn´t offer a MOKEG transition for the ILS approaches in their data and therefore the transition is not included in our data. Sorry, but this is a country specific issue and we have no influence on it.


Please look to the arrival charts. ALL arrivals are ending at MOKEG.
You don’t have any other arrivals.

And KFT VOR is equivalent with WK827.
And KI NDB is equivalent with MOKEG.

You can see this in the ILS approach chart.

Again, thats all possible correct but the AIP doesn’t offer the data and therefore they are not included.

The source data are based on the AIPs of the countries and when they don’t offer these procedures, they are not included in the standard records.

Sorry, we have no influence on it.


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