STAR Transition not selected

First off, thanks so much for creating this, it’s great to have the functionality available again.

I tested with a flight from TQPF to KMIA: TQPF/11 DCT PJM B520 STT RTE6 SJU DCT ACONY Y308 MADIZ VIICE2 KMIA/26L

When I imported the route in the Longitude, it properly selected the VIICE2 arrival but did not select the MADIZ transition (or any transition) and I needed to go in and select it manually.

Not a huge deal but I’m glad I checked.

After discussion on Discord it looks like this is expected and no transitions are passed as part of the procedure loading process. I’ve turned it off for now, this can be closed.

This is fixed with today’s release v1.0.1!

Let me know there are any issues or unexpected behaviors.

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