Lowi rnpy 08


After WI814 the magenta line goes straight to the RWY 08 As you can see with the pics. It should join to WI006 - WI005

But this instead has a blue line joining them and it seems like its part of the missed approach path but it isn’t

Navdata 2011

the part after WI814 is a visual part or at least you need external visual references. The blue line is part of the missed approach - so it looks correct so far (at least from your screenshots because I don´t know which sim or which addon you are using here).


Hi Richard,

I’m using Prosim737 software suite

Also the missed approach for this approach chart doesn’t backtrack it goes straight to RTT NDB

You right - sorry … but I thought it´s the missed approach but as you said it´s directly to RTT NDB, that´s correct. I have now looked into the database and we have also the sequencies after WI814 … so we have WI814 - WI006 - WI005 - WI103 - RTT - RTT holding. So the sequence is correct so far - also in the ProSim database …

My assumption here is that the approach haven´t no runway waypoint and therefore the ProSim has a problem here. Again, that´s only an assumption because I can´t reproduce it due the missing addon. Worth to ask Prosim directly … sorry.


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Could you check this approach again? In the database, it shows me the order of points as in the picture and I have a problem during the flight. Not sure if this order is correct? Shouldn’t point RW08 be only after point WI005?
Thank you.
Zrzut ekranu 2023-05-03 182342

not sure what you mean that you have “problem during the flight” . As you see on the charts, this approach ends at WI814 and continues to the runway under visual conditions. So, in our data there are no runway-ident (RW08) available for the R08-Y approach.

It seems LNM add this runway-ident automatically and due the fact that the WI814 is the MAP LNM seems to add it after the MAP so before WI006.

Again, this is not a navdata issue - it´s more a LNM issue.

Here the profile, where you see the MAP (WI814) followed by the visual segment … the missed approach starts with WI006.


I approached the PMDG 737-800 and diagnosed this problem, so I downloaded the LNM to check how it looks in it. In the simulator, the same thing happens with points.

As I wrote,the problem is the “missing” runway ident. You couldn’t select this approach when you don’t have a runway ident …

… and as you see, this approach is mainly visual and therefore the trick in LNM as in all other addons with the runway ident.

… but when you fly this correct, you should have no problem. Correct means visually from WI814 on …


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