Low Enroute Chart not appearing

I am trying to use the low level enroute charts for my DC-6 flights using the panel in MSFS, but it never switches to low and always displays the high chart

I’m experiencing the same problem with X-Plane as well. Flight from Malaga to Alicante in Spain and only High level charts available. Airways chart remains on High Level when selecting Low level equivalent.

Same issue here, I can’t switch to other map modes…the previous version had no issues with me whatsoever

Please post screenshots of the High and Low chart of the same geographical area.

Spain in particular has almost no difference between high and low charts as almost all airways are Both. Please use some other region for testing.



Just filed a flight from Cairo to Heathrow…I can’t switch to any map mode, please fix this. I can record a video if needed

Only a screenshot will suffice. Thank you!


Thank you Stephen…This is strange…I just restarted the flight and I was able to change map modes…hmmmm

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