Lost indonesian airport WAMN

The WAMN Melangguane airport doesn’t exist in Navigraph despite it is in MSFS. I hope I have helped. Happy new year.

Hi Arnau,
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021 to you too … it should be a healthy and successful year for you …

What do you mean that WAMN doesn´t exist in the Navigraph. I have checked if there are charts available - negative. So, no terminal procedures for Melangguane also in the data. Then I have checked the Indonesian AIP - also nothing nor any notams for this airport.

It looks like, that the Indonesia AIP don´t offer any details for this airport and therefore its missing. This is a assumption due my search now … Do you have any official charts or similar else for this airport or have I misunderstood you completely …


Hi Richard. Sorry, it seems I was wrong. Better I erase my comment if I can or check up as solved. Thank you so much for your response and so sorry for wasting your time. Best regards.

Missatge de NAVData via Navigraph <navigraph1@discoursemail.com> del dia ds., 2 de gen. 2021 a les 14:33:

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