OR0L is missing in Navigraph but exists in MSFS

I am having much the same issues with Airports not found in Navigraph and SimBrief.
My MSFS 2020 Version:
NNC Installs: NAVIGRAPH AIRAC Cycle 2203 Rev.1 ; Navagraph Charts In-Game Panel v1.3 ; Add on Package Aerosoft CRJ 550/700/900/1000
Example Plan successfully created and flown via MSFS 2020

Issue: in the Mid East, Saudi, Iraq, Iran etc, I am often unable to create/import a plan in Navigraph or SimBrief .
For Example in my current MSFS Plan OR0L-LTBA.PLN, the Airport OR0L exists in MSFS 2020 however it does not exist in Navagraph or Simbrief.
I did uninstall the non MSFS version of Navagraph (FDM?) and unloaded and reloaded the NCC packages mentioned above without success.
Any Ideas?

the solution is simple: OR0L doesn’t exist in real life any longer. This Air Base is closed and will not be be used since the Iraq war (excluding from the sand of the dessert :slight_smile: ).

I would not trust the MSFS airports too much because there are a lot of airports, which are closed and/or not existing any longer - as your example with the Salum Air Base.

Hope that helps

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