Missing famous SPGL Airport (but not in Navigraph Charts?)

Missing SGPL in Simbrief / Navdata for planning my VFR flights to this famous “difficult appropach” airport in Peru. However, the airport is shown though in the Navigraph charts? I can only plan without Simbrief now using the built-in flight planner of MDSFS2020 :cry:

Would it be possible to update this in a future AIRAC?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Hunter,
thanks for your report. I have looked into the AIP Peru and this airport will not be offered from the AIP. Therefore we don´t have any information for this airport. Every country “reports” the data monthly to the source provider and the source provider creates the corresponding files. When the AIP doesn´t contain this airport, it´s also missing in the our data. Sorry.

Hope that helps,

Ah I understand Richard, thank you for the explanation
I wish it could still manually be inserted by the team, so it can at least be selected as DEP or ARR airport
I guess it is what it is, topic can be closed then :frowning:

Done, we have added at least the airport and the runways as tailored records … so you should be able to use it for flightplaning beginning with the next AIRAC cycle 2303 … :wink: Hope that helps a little bit …


Richard, you are my hero :heart: :pray: thanks mate

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