Long loading times when loading a default liner with a ready-made flight plan

I noticed that when I load a default liner with a flight plan already loaded, the simulator has very long loading times (let’s even say 10/15 minutes). This is not the case with GA aircraft. However, if I remove the navigraph folder this does not happen … is it Normal?

Now I noticed that with A320 fly by wire mod the airplane freezes, without navigraph no.

Ciao Andrea,

No, that´s not normal but of course it depends on the system. The amount of files are equal to the stock data and also the structure is exactly the same. Only the size is increasing slightly because we have more data in our database as in the stock data. But again, 10-15 minutes loading time is not normal. When you would load each BGL file separately, you never come to 10-15 minutes (we are speaking from approx. 6000 files, each of these files with a few kB - so no big deal for modern hard-discs, MM2 or SSDs.
Also, we haven´t received any such issues since 6 months as we have started with this service - means, we have not receive any performance issues till the last half a year.

Hm, not reproduce able sorry. I´m using the latest stable version of the FBW A320, no freezing and again also here (or in the Flightsimulator forum), no report about such freezings in the FBW. So, it looks, there is any strange things happened on your system, sorry.

What I would try is, this here:

Possible you have a mess in your scenery-file and therefore a unstable sim. Please follow the step really, step by step - this is important!


well Richard, thanks for your answer, but I unistalled two times the simulator, delete all folders. Cleaned the registry, unistalled airac…the only thing that I haven’t done is unistall navigraph program and reinstall again…but I think that I willn’t solve the problem.

So, you have made the suggestion above right? And you also have the latest beta of the installer installed and nothing help?

Hm, strange because as I wrote (and you can see it here in the forum or ie in the official flightsim forum too that there are no reported issues of freezing the FBW or so extrem long loading times.

Its unclear for me, why this happened only on your system, sorry.


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